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Don't you just take out all the long words? No. It's harder than that, but this inspiring children's writing course will help.

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Come to Faber's offices and spend twelve weeks with fourteen other children's writers, plus Anthony McGowan, award-winning author of The Knife That Killed Me, The Donut Diaries and the Carnegie shortlisted Rook.

Covering fiction for children aged six to young adult, Tony will lead the lessons on this intensive, practical, skills-based writing course, and you'll benefit from everything he knows about this difficult craft – plots that keep kids gripped, dialogue that convinces them, humour that gets giggles.

Then there's feedback – weekly reading and help on your work. No essays about Rudyard Kipling: the focus is on your writing, every week, making sure you get it done, and that it's getting better all the time.

By the end of twelve weeks, you should expect to have written a substantial chunk of your children's book, and be well on your way to becoming a fully-fledged writer.

20th April 2020 - 13th July 2020

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Session 1 – Monday 20th April, 7pm–9pm – Introduction: Why write for children?

Session 2 – Finding a voice for younger children

Session 3 – The Myth Kitty: Using folklore, myth and legend

Session 4 – Make 'em laugh: Humour in children's fiction

Session 5 – Scaring the kids: Monsters, ghouls and vampires

SPRING BANK HOLIDAY – please note there will be no class on Monday 25 May, and sessions will resume the following Monday.

Session 6 – The twisting path: Complex plot structures

Session 7 – Points of view/narrative voices

Session 8 – Controversy: Pushing against the boundaries

Session 9 – Science fiction and fantasy

Session 10 – Subtle things: Pacing, rhythm, intuition

Session 11 – Reaching out: Writing and performing

Session 12 – Selling your work: Agents, publishers, the public

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Anthony McGowan has written highly acclaimed and award winning fiction and non-fiction for adults, teenagers and younger children. His work include...



Come to one of the world's great literary cities and study creative writing at Faber Academy's home in historic Bloomsbury. Our London courses take place at Faber and Faber's offices.

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