Write A Short Story In A Weekend (Online)

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A new short story? You are going to need one free weekend, one egg timer, and one big pot of coffee... This one is not for the faint-hearted.

Do you ever dream of holding a brand new short story in your hands? A world you conjured, people you breathed life into, right there ready to share? This course could be for you. It's an intense, supportive weekend of hard work, feedback, focus, writing and editing. And coffee, most likely.

'Thanks so much for an excellent course. It has without a doubt been hard work, but I feel I’ve learned so much and have really enjoyed actually writing again. The content was brilliant, a really great course.'
Steph, November 2018

Who it’s for?

– Writers new to the craft – take the plunge and get ideas onto the page.

– ‘Stuck’ writers looking to rekindle inspiration.

– Novelists looking to stress-test an idea.

– Any writer who likes a challenge.

If you are looking for an excuse to dedicate a weekend to your craft, this is it. And what's more, because it's all online, you can give over your time wherever in the world you are.

12th - 14th July 2019

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Unlike our other online courses, this course is "live". That means you will begin and end at a fixed time. All times are given below in GMT.

18:00 GMT – Welcome to the course! from Tom Bromley.
• Icebreaker exercise
• First learning materials available – video, audio, reading, and other stimulus material.
• First assignment given – to be completed by noon Saturday.
• Discussion forum opens
• Live 24/7 chatroom opens

20:00 GMT – Pomodoro writing session
(Note: the Pomodoro Technique is a successful method used in the academic world to get people writing: intense 25-minute blocks with short breaks, like interval training for your writing!

Bedtime reading – pick from a wealth of super-generative stimulus texts and materials, to keep your brain working overnight.

• 09:00 GMT – Tutor check-in.
• 10:00 GMT – 2 Pomodoros
• 11:00 GMT – Group chat session with tutor: how are you getting on?
• "Assignment forum 1" opens. Students post the results of their first assignments from Friday.
• 12:00 GMT – Second learning materials available.
• Second assignment given – to be completed by noon Sunday.
• 15:00 GMT – 2 pomodoros.
• 17:00 GMT onwards – live chat, writing time.

• 09:00 GMT – Tutor check-in.
• 10:00 GMT – 2 Pomodoros.
• 11:00 GMT – Chat session with tutor: questions on the assignments.
• "Assignment forum 2" opens – students to post second assignment from Saturday.
• 12:00 GMT – Final learning materials open.
• Final assignment given.
• 15:00 GMT – 2 Pomodoros.
• 19:00 GMT onwards – live chat, writing time.
• 23:00 GMT – Tutor consolidation and next steps
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Tom Bromley is an author, editor and ghostwriter. He has written ten books under his own name, both fiction and non-fiction, ghosted a further doze...

"There's no point staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike - to get your creative muscles working you need to start writing, reviewing and sharing your work."

Helen Shipman