Twelve-week Mentoring Programme

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Twelve weeks of inspiring, rigorous and personalised mentoring with one of our expert tutors.
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The application deadline is
1st January 2022

A key aspect of Faber Academy’s London courses has always been the element of personal connection between professional authors and developing writers. Seeking to reproduce that vital relationship in the context of lockdown has led us to the idea of a Faber Academy mentoring programme.

The scheme is designed to provide a service which responds to your precise needs at this moment, and to help writers at all stages and in all genres develop their craft and move forward with their work.

This twelve-week mentorship will feature a mixture of video conference conversations with your mentor and written responses on work you've produced in response to the various exercises, reading lists, prompts and directions which arise from these conversations. However, we're keen not to be too schematic or dictatorial: the programme will work best when its precise form arises out of the specific relationship between the two of you, and your particular situation and requirements too.

Your mentor will be drawn from our pool of expert tutors, Academy teachers and Faber authors, all experienced teachers as well as celebrated writers.

To apply, please upload a single document containing a little information about yourself and your writing, a sample of your writing if you have one, what you'd like to gain from the mentoring and anything else you think will be useful in pairing you with your mentor. We strive to get the perfect match for everyone, so please bear in mind it may take us a little while to confirm we have the right mentor for you.

Please note: normal Faber Academy alumni discounts do not apply to the mentoring programme.

1st April 2020 - 1st April 2022

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7 Places

We have established a framework for twelve weeks of inspiring, rigorous and personalised mentoring from your mentor. Although the precise structure will vary according to what you and your mentor agree will work best for you, below is an outline of the kind of schedule you can expect.

Introductory half-hour phone/Skype conversation

Week 1: Written response to 1000–3000 words

Week 2: Writing time

Week 3: Half-hour phone/Skype conversation

Week 4: Writing time

Week 5: Written response to 1000–3000 words

Week 6: Writing time

Week 7: One hour phone/Skype conversation

Week 8: Writing time

Week 9: Written response to 1000–3000 words

Week 10: Writing time

Week 11: Writing time

Week 12: Ninety-minute conversation and written response to 3000–5000 words

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Our mentors are all experienced writers and tutors, with expertise in a wide range of genres and...

"There's no point staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike - to get your creative muscles working you need to start writing, reviewing and sharing your work."

Helen Shipman