Patti Miller

Patti Miller is the author of nine books, three of which are writing texts: Writing Your Life; The Memoir Book and Writing True Stories; one novel, Child; and four memoir/narrative non-fictions: The Last One Who Remembers; Whatever The Gods Do; the award-winning The Mind of a Thief and Ransacking Paris (UQP). Her latest book, The Joy of High Places, was published in 2019. She has been published regularly in national newspapers and literary journals for many years. Patti Miller is Australia’s leading memoir writing teacher and mentor with nearly 50 of her students being published by commercial publishers. She has taught writing since 1984 at universities, the Faber Academy in Sydney and London, and Writers’ Centres around Australia. She has taught Memoir Writing in Paris for the last fifteen years.
  1. Start Your Memoir (Five Days)

    Start Your Memoir (Five Days)

    Five days
    20th - 24th September 2021
    Patti Miller
    Is there anything harder for a writer to capture than the truth of a life? Where even to start?