Keith Ridgway

Keith Ridgway is from Dublin. He is the author of The Long Falling (Faber, 1998, Houghton Mifflin, 1998), Standard Time (Faber, 2001), Horses (Faber, 2003), The Parts (Faber, 2003, St. Martin's Press, 2004), Animals (Fourth Estate, 2007), and Hawthorn & Child (Granta Books, 2012, New Directions 2013).

His new novel, A Shock, will be published in 2021

His short fiction has been published in The New Yorker, Granta, Zoetrope, Stinging Fly, and others. He has reviewed fiction for The Irish Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. He has taught fiction writing courses in Dublin, and ­ since 2013 ­ at the Faber Academy.

He has been awarded the Prix Femina in France and The Rooney Prize for Irish Literature.

He lives in south London.

  1. Writing Fiction

    Writing Fiction

    Twelve weeks
    23rd September 2021 - 9th December 2021
    Keith Ridgway
    Whether you're just starting out or trying to revitalise your writing process, find your feet in fiction with this intensive twelve-week course – and learn to write in a way that belongs entirely to you.