Joanna Briscoe

Joanna Briscoe is the author of the novels Mothers and Other Lovers, which won the Betty Trask Award;SkinSleep With Me, which was published in eleven countries and adapted for ITV by Andrew Davies; You, which was published by Bloomsbury in the UK, USA and through Europe, and Touched, which was published by Arrow. Her latest novel is to be published by Bloomsbury UK and USA in 2018. She works as a literary critic for the Guardian and has written for all the major national newspapers. She broadcasts on Radio 4, and has taught for the Arvon Foundation, and for the Birkbeck and City MA degrees in Creative Writing.

  1. Getting Started: Beginners' Fiction (Evening)

    Getting Started: Beginners' Fiction (Evening)

    Twelve weeks
    2nd October 2018 - 18th December 2018
    Keith Ridgway, Joanna Briscoe
    What to write about? How to start? How to continue? Is it worth it? Am I any good?
  2. Writing A Novel (daytime)

    Writing A Novel (daytime)

    Six months
    29th January 2019 - 25th June 2019
    Shelley Weiner, Joanna Briscoe
    A comprehensive six-month writing course for the serious writer, with access to some of the biggest names in publishing. If you're thinking about a creative writing MA, consider this practical alternative