Arabel Charlaff

Arabel is an accredited and experienced psychotherapist who works both privately and within the NHS. Before training as a therapist, she worked in publishing for over a decade as ghost-writer, editor and literary consultant.

She is highly experienced in working collaboratively with clients in both a literary and a therapeutic capacity, offering a unique combination of analytic insight and editorial expertise.

She is also the founder and director of Characters on the Couch, a service which matches writers with 'fiction therapists’, using psychoanalytic theory to help writers bring their characters to life.

She loves reading novels just as much as she loves reading Freud.

  1. Who Do You Think They Are? Getting Into Character (Five Days)

    Who Do You Think They Are? Getting Into Character (Five Days)

    Five Days
    20th - 24th July 2020
    Arabel Charlaff
    The success of a novel depends on insightful, considered and compelling characterisation. For a fictional character to appear real, they need to have convincing inner lives. They should have a traceable emotional history which makes sense of their needs, desires, ambitions, fears, secrets, contradictions and vulnerabilities. They must stand up to close analysis.