"Shelley is incredibly knowledgeable but down to earth & approachable at the same time. She was very supportive and takes an active interest in the progression & successes of those she has worked with."

"I have learned SO much in such a short space of time. It was a big commitment to make, but it was so, so worth it. I won’t ever regret it – at the very least, my writing will be so much better than before. The very best outcome is beyond exciting and I feel far more confident about making that dream a reality."

  • Alice
  • Writing A Novel

"Very satisfied. Inspiring surroundings, excellent tutor, supportive fellow participants. I learnt a great deal about character, plot, voice, narration and language."

  • Gareth
  • The Fiction Booster

"The course was invaluable in helping me shape my novel; learn how to be much more critical of my own work; and focus on the importance of structure. As a course about the craft of writing; excellent."

  • Henrietta
  • Writing A Novel

"I take [writing] more seriously, have increased my confidence but also “raised the bar” in terms of the quality of output I demand from myself."

  • Lucie
  • Writing A Novel

"It was fascinating and articulated a lot of things that I felt in a fuzzy intuitive way, without realising why they are so important... It was hugely helpful in terms of working out what needs tweaking in my book."

  • Nikki
  • How To Tell A Story