#BookCharades – as it happens

It’s a festive Friday at Faber Towers, and here in the Academy we’re playing #BookCharades all day. One new book-themed charade every hour, with an excellent prize at stake.

The first person to email us at 5pm with all nine answers will win that excellent prize, and we just can’t wait to see how you get on.

Here’s where we’re at so far…

This was your first charade, released at 9 a.m. :

Followed an hour later by this one:

And then by this team effort:

This one is our noon charade. Can you guess the writing guide?

A modern classic for our lunchtime clue:

Up at #6, Ian does something that looks a bit sharky (but isn’t):

There was this cheeky one, about a book not yet published…

Ian interrupted a festive snack for this Academy favourite:

And finally, this one from Nicci:

Get your answers in to academy@faber.co.uk!

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