Introducing our Manuscript Assessment programme

It’s been a whirlwind week here at Academy HQ.

We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see three super-talented students become the talk of London Book Fair. First, Felicia Yap had the rights to her novel, The Day After Yesterday, snapped up at auction. Then Nick Clark Windo’s high concept thriller, The Feed, was pre-empted in a six-figure deal with Headline, twenty-four hours after it was submitted to them. And then Chloe Esposito’s thriller trilogy, Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know set the stands alight, selling in multiple territories for a seven figure sum. Go team!

Meanwhile, it’s finally time for us to tell you about something new for us, too. Because we’re expanding.

Introducing… our manuscript assessment programme.

full-report-graphicWe’ve been talking for a while now about offering manuscript assessment services. Since the Academy opened in 2009, our students have been asking about that next stage, once their course has finished and their novel is written. And we’re confident now that we’re in the best possible position to accompany them on that next part of their journey; to offer practical, supportive advice on editing and submitting their manuscripts. And to offer that same support to writers for whom, for whatever reason, a course just isn’t the right fit.

We’ll be offering three types of professional reader’s report, designed to provide assistance at each stage of a manuscript’s pre-publication life. There’s the How’s My Driving? report, for those writers who have an incomplete manuscript and want no-nonsense advice about whether it’s working or whether it’s worth having a rethink before they carry on with the rest. The Full Report is for those with a finished draft (whether its a first or a twentieth!) who are looking for a rigorous, comprehensive assessment – we think of it as our full MOT. And then for authors with a manuscript they’re ready to send to agents, there’s our Submission Review, offering feedback on a covering letter, synopsis and the first fifty pages of a manuscript.

There’s more information (a ton of it, actually) about the programme here – but just give us a call if you want to talk to a person about it all: 0207 927 3827. We’re ever so excited.


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