QuickFic 29/01/16

Hi there. A very happy Friday to you!

We’ve got our third QuickFic prompt of 2016 coming up for you in a second (and it’s our very first first line of the year too!) – but before that, let’s just have a reminder about how this thing works.

At 9:50 on a Friday morning (now!), we give you a prompt (it’s at the bottom of this page). You have a look at that prompt, and then go away and write a teeny piece of fiction (250 words or less) inspired by it. Send us that teeny piece of fiction to academy@faber.co.uk by 2:50 this afternoon and not a second later.

You might win this lovely selection of Faber paperbacks!


Right then. Let’s check out that prompt, shall we?

Here it is:


Well now.

*gazes into the middle distance, whistling innocently*

See you back here with the winners at 3:30!

By entering our QuickFic writing competitions, you’re granting us non-exclusive worldwide permission to reprint your story on our website should you win. The winner will also get a chance to win a place on one of our Start to Write one day courses, because at the end of the year we’ll be choosing our favourite of all the winners – the champion of champions, basically.

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