QuickFic 27/11/15

A very happy and thankful Friday to you! We hope all of our American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. We might just have chosen a festive prompt, too…

As always, the rules are simple. If you already know them, you can skip right ahead to the prompt. Just at the bottom of the page, you can’t miss it! We’ll meet you down there.

If you’re new round here, this is how it all works: we’re about to show you a prompt. Write us a story, of 250 words or less, inspired by that prompt, and then pop it in an email to academy@faber.co.uk, by 2:50pm. You might win some books!

These ones!


L-R: Their Lips Talk of Mischief, In Bitter Chill, Rites of Passage, The Vogue Factor, How We Live and Why We Die

Come on then. Prompt time:


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

By entering our QuickFic writing competitions, you’re granting us non-exclusive worldwide permission to reprint your story on our website should you win. The winner will also get a chance to win a place on one of our Start to Write one day courses, because at the end of the year we’ll be choosing our favourite of all the winners – the champion of champions, basically.

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