QuickFic 18/09/15: The Winner


Halfway through that round of QuickFic, the sky darkened. The rain was bouncing off the path outside; the windows were rattling in their frames.

It all felt extremely appropriate.

As you’ll recall, this week’s prompt was this quote:


Which is, of course, the first line from Emily Brontë’s glorious Wuthering Heights.

You had so many excellent, creepy, poignant things to say about this landlord character. It was truly a joy to read them all. Shout-out to the Em-Bron cameos too; we liked those a lot. And to the treasured regular who managed to make Tupperware sinister this week — big props. Your talent knows no bounds.

But here are the two we liked the very most.

RUNNER-UP: Suzy Wedley

Something About Mary

Who? Oh, she’s my landlady. Doesn’t like it if I play my drums too loud. To be fair, though, she and that old bloke of hers don’t seem so bad. Had a conversation with him about Led Zeppelin once. He’d been to a concert, he said. Sounds like he’s had a bit of a crazy life. Kinda cool for an old dude. Mind you, I’ve heard banging and stuff from their room too. God knows what an old pair like them were getting up to.


Ah, Mary! Yes, she’s very popular with the children. She’s been helping at the school about ten years or more I’d say. She started off listening to readers but now she takes out small groups and teaches them to cook. They do everything from fairy cakes to burgers!  She brings in some lovely sausage rolls to the staff room. I don’t know what she uses in them but they’re delicious!


Mary who? Nope, don’t think I ever saw her in here. I guess she brought her meat from that big supermarket that’s opened up down the road. People ought to use their local butcher’s else it’ll close down – you put that in your newspaper article!


BREAKING NEWS: Octogenarian Couple Arrested For Suspected Kidnap And Cannibalism!

Community is shocked by the arrest of an elderly couple following discovery of human flesh in home cooking. 

WINNER: Thom Willis

The Good Neighbour

Seething-black snake-serpent in MY HOUSE keep your distance creature I know you I know where you slither-crawled from where you’ll get yourself back in to curled sleepless round your nest of rotted chalk eggshells hatching only dead cells.

Out from here meet me again on the road between our houses you have walked it on your belly so many times and I saw you saw you from the dew-drip hedge as you made for my door under my door through my door without me unlocking for you like you own my house my house is not your house but I pay you to live here in this torment here with you STARING from those broken splinter-starred windows every night every morning.

Tonight I will be in your house snake tonight I walk from tree to tree unfurling like the shadow tongue tasting your absence insisting on your presence as I in turn slip through that broken window pooling in the starlight listening to each hesitant creak of board and whistle-in of dream-breath.

I visit you tonight as a neighbour as a tenant as a spirit as a plaintiff as an ending to keep silent our agreement as the stairs drift in the night’s breeze I climb through feelings you will never have and bring you never-will-bes as your coils slacken round your end-night thoughts.


Congratulations Suzy and Tom! And thanks so much to everyone who entered. You are so very wonderful.

See you next week — happy writing and weekends all.


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