Wednesday Writing Exercise: Writing Backwards


We’re going to do something a little different today.

We’re going to give you the end of a story, and we want you to work out how to get there.  You can do that any way you like; the characters are yours to play with – as long as, somehow, they wind up right here:

‘No,’ Jenny said, her hand reaching out to grip Arthur’s. ‘No, this isn’t right.’

Arthur found he couldn’t reply. After everything they’d worked for, everything they’d done to arrive at this moment — and here it was, ruined.

‘I’m sorry,’ he managed to say eventually. ‘I tried.’

She turned to look at him, her face pale. ‘Please tell me this isn’t happening.’

‘I can try again!’ he said, but her fingers were already slipping out of his. ‘Jenny, I’ll talk to them! I’ll get it right this time!’

His voice echoed feebly back at him as he watched Jenny walk away, her footsteps thunderous in the empty hall.

She didn’t look back. Not once.

Oh dear, Arthur! What has he done?

That’s up to you, team. Do get in touch and let us know what you come up with!

We have new creative writing exercises for you every Wednesday. And if you can’t wait a whole week, join us every Friday morning for our QuickFic competition – write a story based on that week’s prompt for a chance to win a stack of books.


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