QuickFic 24/04/15: The Winner

What a jolly fun afternoon this has turned out to be.

We asked for 250 word stories about the rather lovely image below, and by golly did you deliver. Thanks, guys!

Somehow – somehow – we’ve managed to narrow it down and choose a winner.


RUNNER-UP: Adena Graham

How To Make A Man Disappear

It was like clockwork. The first Friday of every month, he’d position himself on the promenade, just outside Frank’s Fish Bar. One time, he’d decked himself out as a one man band and performed a medley of off-kilter tunes. I wondered how long it had taken him to learn to do that. Surely not quite as long as it had taken him to learn to ride the unicycle. He seemed to be of the view that if there was no pain, there’d be no gain. Even though this had been going on for over 18 months now with no gain in sight.

‘Ahhhh, there he is,’ Shelley commented, peering out of the window.

‘Yup,” I said. “there he is.’

‘Do you remember the first time? With the bike and the balloons?’

‘How could I forget?’

Outside, he was getting into position – ready to do who-knew-what.

‘Ooooh, I wonder what it’ll be today,’ Shelley said.

I glanced across the road, but nothing seemed to be happening. He was just stood there, staring in. Eventually, he gave a small shake of his head and walked away.

Shelley let out a wail, grabbing my arm in a panic.

‘Maybe you should have said ‘yes’ last time,” I commented. “After all, covering yourself with bees while holding up a ‘Marry Me’ placard can’t be easy.’

Slamming out of the shop, I ran after him. He’d need a shoulder to cry on. Besides, I was certain he had an impressive diamond – now mine for the taking.


WINNER: Elin Heron


‘Will you please just do it, David?’ Paula said. ‘I’m meeting Andy here at half past.’

‘How much?’

‘You mercenary little creep.’

‘How much, or you can get them yourself.’

‘Fifty pence.’

‘A pound. And your slice of cake at Gran’s on Thursday.’

‘Charming. I’ll remember your fee next time you ask me for a favour.’

‘This isn’t just a favour, is it? This is my reputation.’

‘You’re exaggerating.’

‘Hardly! Have you been past Giuseppe’s lately?’ I knew she had. She and her stupid mates always went past there after school trying to get Decko and his cronies to notice them.

‘It’s Sarah’s birthday. You don’t want to ruin it for her, do you?’ She had me and she knew it, my cheeks the colour of tomatoes.

‘Fine,’ I said.

‘Thanks, David!’

‘I’ll have the pound now.’


Riding Paula’s bike was like trying to steer a wheelbarrow, and as I pedalled past Giuseppe’s, twenty five helium filled balloons floating behind me, I wondered whether I might as well just take a right turn and cycle to the end of the pier.

‘Oi, Evans!’

‘Sod off, Decko,’ I called, but he and his mates had already got on their bikes and I was flanked by a troop of idiots. Despite the jeering, I made it to the Memorial Hall unscathed only to see Sarah, radiant and perfect, rush out the door.

‘You came!’ she said, and just as Decko took a pen-knife to the balloon ribbons, she kissed me.


Congratulations, Adena and Elin! And thanks to everyone who joined in.

We’ll see you same time next week for more QuickFic fun. Happy weekends, all.

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