Wednesday Writing Exercise: The Long Weekend


Today’s writing exercise is something a little different. We’re going to start a story and, if you feel so inclined, you can write the rest of it.  In honour of the upcoming long weekend, that’s exactly what our story is about: a weekend that is – for reasons decided by you – uncomfortably long.

‘We’re so glad you could all make it,’ Josh said, smiling round at the guests. ‘It’s been far too long since we all got together.’

Julie toyed with the stem of her wine glass and tried not to think about exactly why it had been so long.

‘We should make a toast,’ Oliver said. He slid his arm around May’s shoulder as he did so and she couldn’t stop herself from flinching.

‘Yes,’ said Sylvie, the first to stand up, though she couldn’t bring herself to meet anyone’s eye as she did so. ‘Here’s to old friends, new beginnings, and a long weekend.’

Now it’s your turn – what comes next? What secrets lurk around that table, and how will they make themselves known?

We won’t set a word-limit this time round – you could write a short scene today, or you could write a lovely long story over Easter. Whatever you like!

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