Wednesday Writing Exercise: The Elevator Pitch


It’s the week of London Book Fair; the week when agents and editors and rights teams gather together in a big glass cage of enthusiasm and pitch books as passionately as they possibly can.

Many aspiring authors also make their way to the Fair in the hope of untangling the mysteries of the publishing world – and for the possibility of running into their dream agent in the loo or in a lift.

With that in mind (don’t chase agents into the loo, by the way – they’re not keen on that), we’ve got a couple of little exercises for your Wednesday .

If you’ve finished your manuscript

Congratulations! Now it’s time to get that synopsis into shape. But here’s a challenge: can you pitch your novel in 200 words or less?

What are the key points you need to convey to an agent/editor/other interested party who doesn’t have much time? What is the most important element of the story? It might not be the one you think…

If you’re not working on a novel at the moment

Two people are stuck in a lift. One has something to sell to the other; the other has their own reasons for not being interested. Write a scene of dialogue.

We have new creative writing exercises for you every Wednesday. And if you can’t wait a whole week, join us every Friday morning for our QuickFic competition – write a story based on that week’s prompt for a chance to win a stack of books.

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