Wednesday Writing Exercise: The Candidate

It’s happening all over the shop. People pledging and promising things, people telling us what they can do, what they will do, what they absolutely will not do.

Yep, it’s two weeks to go until the election and the airwaves are awash with canvassing.  And this week’s creative writing exercises are all election-themed, too.


If you’re currently working on a novel or another project

Your main character, for one reason or another, ends up running for election in the constituency/country/world/future they live in. Write their manifesto.

What does your character believe most strongly in? How far would they go to get elected? And what issues do their potential constituents care most about? You may find you learn just as much about the setting of your novel as you do the character.

If you’d just like to do something new

Write a short story about a candidate who, on the eve of the election, discovers a secret from their past which just might change their political views.


We have new creative writing exercises for you every Wednesday. And if you can’t wait a whole week, join us every Friday morning for our QuickFic competition – write a story based on that week’s prompt for a chance to win a stack of books.

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