QuickFic 13/03/15: The Winner

Oh hi there, brave adventurers! What a whirlwind QuickFic trip you’ve taken us on.

As you’ll recall, we asked for 250 word stories on these little guys:


And what lovely stories they were. And also sad, lots of them. Thanks for that, guys. We didn’t need our mascara to stay on today or anything.

Anyway, the way this works is that we have to choose a winner, and so here the winners are. Because you’re all so annoyingly good, we’ve had to do the naughty thing again where we pick an extra runner-up (*shakes fist at your collective brilliance*):

RUNNER-UP: Louisa Barnes


Through the smoke, through the clouds, like two sycamore seeds spiralling towards a garden lawn…

Henderson tried to pat Bennett’s shoulders, but found that his hands had frozen into claws, gripping the co-pilot’s thick brown leather jacket. As smoke surged around the cockpit he wondered if Bennett was still alive. Henderson felt no panic; he had moved through fear and pain as though they were merely thermal currents in the air and now his mind was filled with memories of the old house, of dressing up and playing airmen with his older brother while Mother called to them from the foot of the stairs.

An airman – that was all he had ever dreamed of being. A man of the air. And now there was nothing left but the dream, as smoke thickened and darkened and a golden fire rose before him, peach and lilac at the edges, like the silk dresses in the camphor-scented wardrobe where once two brothers had made a den.    


RUNNER-UP: Olivia Olsson

Made At Home

“Woo!” Peter shouted from upfront, “Can you see it yet, George?”

George peered over the edge of the plane, daring to reach a hand on to the wing to prop himself up for a good view.

“It’s amazing, Captain! I can see the jungle from here! We’re not far!”

The young boys leaned back in synchronisation, Peter pulling at the front of the plane to land it.

“Nice landing, Captain!” George cheered.

Peter turned from the pilot’s seat giving his brother a dashing grin; but it soon flat-lined as he creased his brows, staring up beyond George’s face. I smiled at him sweetly, pushing the door open wide from the small crack I had been watching them through.


“At ease. There is a fat,” he smirked at me, “ugly beast following us.”

“Permission to catch it?” George requested, turning his head so his little brown eyes met mine behind ridiculous flight goggles.


I clambered down the stairs as four little feet trampled behind me. I could feel the whoosh that caught my back as they swung for me, trying to grab a wayward billow of t-shirt. I stopped at the kitchen as they calculated their next move.

“I suppose that you don’t want to help this fat, ugly beast make fairy cakes, then?” I feigned disappointment as they looked questioningly at each other, “Such a shame. I’ll just eat them all by myself.”

“Permission to bake, mummy?” they asked, looking through their eyelashes.



WINNER: Daniel Owen


“Where are we?” she asked.

“I believe this is the hidden city of Quepetl,” he told her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I have looked at the map. I’m quite sure.”

They looked around them.

“Maybe we should ask someone,” she suggested.

“We don’t need to ask anyone. We’re not lost.”


They looked around again.

“No one around to ask anyway,” she observed.

A pause.

“Why is it hidden?” she asked.

“It means it’s been lost,” he explained.

“Really?” she asked, doubtfully. “‘Lost’ and ‘hidden’ don’t mean…”

“You said, if I let you come along, you wouldn’t be annoying.”

“But I’m not…”


“Yes. OK.”

“It means it’s been lost to civilisation. We are the first humans to see this place for over six hundred years.”

“Oh.” She thought for a moment. “That’s probably why there’s no one around.”

Another pause.

“Now what?” she asked.

“We are on a quest. We are looking for the lost biscuits of Cadbor.”

“Are they actually lost or just hidden?”

“You said…”

“Yes. OK.”

Another pause.

“Is it those biscuits over there on your bedside table?” she asked.

He sighed. She asked again, louder.


Another pause.


“That’s good. Have we found them, then? Can we eat them now?”

His shoulders slumped forward and he sighed again. He looked around his room at the dense rainforest and the ancient ruins, waiting to be explored.

“Yeah. OK.”


Congratulations Louisa, Olivia and Daniel! And thanks to everyone who entered. Happy weekends, all.

See you next Friday for a new prompt! We’re ALREADY looking forward to it.

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