QuickFic 20/02/15

Oh hello there.

Another Friday is upon us, and that can only mean one thing. QuickFic!

In case you can’t recall, or you’re new around these parts (hello!), the way in which QuickFic works is this:

At 9:50am (right now!), we give you a prompt. You write up to 250 words of fiction using that prompt, give them a title, and send them to academy@faber.co.uk by 2:50 this afternoon.

At 3:30, we’ll announce the winner, and the winner wins books! (More on those later). We’ll also publish the winner and the runner-up’s stories right here for eternal glory.

Books and eternal glory sound good, don’t they? Okay then. Let’s play!

This week’s prompt is this beauty:



And those books you might win? Why, ’tis these:


L-R (actually bottom to top): The Blind Man’s Garden, Poetry Please: Love Poems, Kimberly’s Capital Punishment, Rooftoppers, Every Day is for the Thief


See you back here at 3.30!

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