QuickFic 13/02/15: The Winner

Well now. That was a bit of a treat for us. We asked for 250 words stories on THIS:


…and boy, did you deliver.

But as always, we had to choose a winner so that that winner could win books. So that is what we did.

RUNNER-UP: Nicky Tate

Anna and Me

Just babbys and I must have been wailing proper because she pushed Katy Wetheringshall down. Katy had snatched my babby umbrella see? I was too ickle to say that I’d been hitting Katy hard with it. Made me laugh it did to hear Katy shout.

Then I remember about the time Anna ‘n me went to different schools in uniforms same size; hers grey and mine bright red. Shaking I was as the special bus stopped at our house that first day. She said it proved I was special, that bus coming right up to our door for me din’t it? And she telt me again she will always protect me like that umbrella kept the rain off my cheeks. But she couldn’t could she? So I went bad and we ached every day to be apart.

She stands and takes the bible now and says she will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I know it is a lie and I hope God is real and knows I am sorry for what I did. I hope he sees I can be good. She looks at me and I love Anna and love is good and I hope and pray that counts.

WINNER: Ann Fielding


Listen to how quiet it is. Might be the best thing about living here.

Not the whiskers on roses and raindrops on kittens?


It isn’t quiet. There’s three blackbirds, a thrush, a linnet and at least two magpies. Give it a few minutes and the cockerel will start.

Birdsong doesn’t count.

Yes it does. Magpies are like broken machinery. Clatter clatter clatter.

Two for joy, right?

There might be more.

Do magpies have threesomes?

Probably. Loud magpie orgies with birds they met on Magpr.

Or Birdr?

Now that is a shameless website. Any bird any way any time. Almost as shameless as you claiming you like it here.

I do love you though.

I know.

And if you come with buses every two hours and none on Sundays and pubs where everyone turns round when a new person comes in and half the children are born with webbed feet then I guess I love that too. Honestly. I swear.



This is Surrey. Not Deliverance County. Different parts of not-London. I got you that map, remember? There be cannibals. Here be stockbrokers.

Here be you.

And that’s enough?


That’ll stay enough?

Yes. I swear.

I believe you.  


Congratulations Nicky and Ann!

Happy weekends all.


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