Wednesday Writing Exercise: The Unfortunate Email

We’ve all done it. Sent an email about someone without realising we’ve accidentally sent it to them. Or to someone else entirely other than the person we intended.



With that in mind, we have another couple of creative writing exercises for you.

If you have a work-in-progress in, well, progress

Your main character receives an email that was not meant for them, and, in the process, learns something unexpected. Perhaps someone they trusted is talking about them behind their back. Or maybe someone has a secret which has just inadvertently landed in your protagonist’s lap. What will they do with the information? How will they react?

If you just fancy doing something short and stand-alone

Write a short story about someone opening an email with the subject line ‘You’ll never believe this…’ They are not the intended recipient.

What does the email contain? And what will the character do with it?


We‘re back every Wednesday with another set of creative writing exercises. But if you can’t wait that long, why not give QuickFic a go on Friday?

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