Submission Review

Ready to send your novel out into the world? Check it’s in the best possible shape to snare an agent

Is This The Right Report For Me?

You've finished your novel. You've primped it and polished it and torn it down and started again, and now you're pretty sure it's ready to make its way out into the world. But if you'd like a second opinion before you start submitting to your dream agents, this one's for you.

Send us your covering letter, synopsis and first fifty pages and we'll tell you if it's ready to snare an agent, in a report of 1,000 words. We'll look at the effectiveness of your synopsis and letter, and give a brief assessment of the writing in your extract – is it working as hard as it could? Will it keep an agent reading?

We've helped lots of our students find – and be signed by – their perfect agent, so we're confident we'll be able to help.


Please note that this report is only suitable for finished manuscripts. If you're at an earlier stage in your writing journey, our How's My Driving? report might be more appropriate. And if you're looking for feedback on your manuscript in its entirety, there's our Full Report.

Covering letter, synopsis and first fifty pages £250

If you're unsure that this is the correct package for you, or what you should be including, drop us a line using the button below and we'll be happy to advise.

How to Proceed

Upload your covering letter, synopsis and the first fifty pages of your manuscript (12pt font, double line spaced). Our team will review your documents, and if we think we’ve got the right reader for you, we’ll approve your request and notify you by email.

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to purchase the report and we’ll get your manuscript straight over to our chosen reader. We’ll have the report back to you within four weeks. If you want it faster than that, select the ‘Express’ option at checkout – we’ll get it back to you in seven working days, for a fee of £100. Please let us know in your message if you'd like to take up this option.

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