Poetry Assessment

A comprehensive suite of editorial reports, whether you’ve written your first haiku or your twelfth collection.

Is This The Right Report For Me?

A poem is a tricky thing. It can be difficult, once you’ve written it, to step outside the world it creates – to get a reader’s perspective on its logic, its rhythms, its apparent motives. Whether you’d like someone to take a look at a group of new drafts ahead of a magazine submission, or are looking for expert advice on your pamphlet or full collection before sending it off to publishers, this report will put your poems through their paces.

Your reader will be a published poet, with editorial experience, a deep knowledge of the industry and a passion for the craft of writing poetry. You will receive a report of between 1,000 and 3,000 words which will discuss your poetics, your style, and suggestions towards tightening the pieces; it will also provide a close reading of a selection of your poems, with detailed commentary.


We have three flat fees: for a magazine submission–length group of four to six poems (up to 1200 words), for a pamphlet-length collection (up to 5000 words) and for a full collection (up to 11,000 words).

A report on a magazine-submission length group of four to six poems, up to 1200 words £225
A report on a pamphlet-length group of around twenty poems, up to 5000 words £375
A report on a collection-length group of around fifty poems, up to 10,000 words £500

If you’re not sure which report might be right for you or you have slightly different requirements, get in touch and we’ll be very happy to help.

How to Proceed

If this sounds like just the thing you need, and if your manuscript is less than 10,000 words, you can submit your work below. Select the report you’d like to book and then upload your manuscript, along with a covering note telling us a bit about your poems and what you’re looking for from us. Please ensure all files are in .doc or .pdf form – our website isn’t keen on .pages, unfortunately.

Our team will review your submission, and if we think we’ve got the right reader for you, we’ll approve your request and notify you by email.

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to purchase the report and we’ll get your manuscript straight over to our chosen reader. We’ll have the report back to you within four weeks. If you want it faster than that, select the ‘Express’ option at checkout – we’ll get it back to you in seven working days, for a fee of £100. Please let us know in your covering message if you'd like to take up this option.

Not Quite Right?