How's My Driving?

An honest, no-nonsense assessment of whether your Work in Progress has potential

Is This The Right Report For Me?

So. You've started a new novel (could be your first, could be your fiftieth) and that Shiny New Thing excitement is starting to wear off. The doubts are starting to creep in. Is this the best thing you've ever written, or is it total nonsense?

First drafts are fragile things and doubts can do them real damage. If you'd like a steer on whether your idea is working as well as you hope, or advice on where there might be pitfalls in the road ahead, this report can help.

Send us up to 30,000 words of a work-in-progress, as well as an outline of everything you think happens next, and we'll provide a report of 1,000 words on whether we think it has potential. We'll give you feedback on what's working and what's not – looking specifically at the plot, the characters and the structure so far – and hopefully enough enthusiasm to spur you on through the rest of the writing.


This report is designed for partial manuscripts. If you've got a completed manuscript and you want feedback on the whole thing, try our Full Report.

Up to 30,000 words plus a synopsis £225

Not sure if your manuscript fits this description, or what you should include? Get in touch with your requirements and we'll be able to let you know if this report is the one.

How to Proceed

If this sounds like just the thing you need, you can book a reader below. Upload up to 30,000 words of your manuscript, along with an outline of everything that will happen in the rest of the novel (it doesn't matter if you're not sure yet! Just give us as much as you already have plotted out). Include a brief covering note telling us a bit about your book and what you’re looking for from us, and please ensure your files are in .doc or .pdf form – our website isn’t keen on .pages, unfortunately.

Our team will review your documents, and if we think we’ve got the right reader for you, we’ll approve your request and notify you by email.

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to purchase the report and we’ll get your manuscript straight over to our chosen reader. We’ll have the report back to you within 4 weeks. If you want it faster than that, select the ‘Express’ option at checkout – we’ll get it back to you in 7 working days, for a fee of £100. Please let us know in your message if you'd like to take up this option.

Not Quite Right?