Getting Started: Beginners' Fiction (Daytime)

Starting out | Fiction
A twelve-week creative writing course for beginners. Playful, serious and fun, it asks what writing is and why we do it

—What makes fiction worth our while?
—How do you develop and shape an idea?
—What does it mean to write about what you know?
—What makes a reader care?

The aim of this course is to foster a lively atmosphere in which discussion and the spirit of engagement create a supportive and inspiring environment. Explorations of technique, process and motivation form a large part of the course. As does reading. As Jeanette Winterson has said, 'there are millions of readers who are not writers, but there are no writers who are not readers'. With this in mind we look at examples of strong fiction and learn how to read like a writer. What is being done here? How is it done?

Writing will of course be central, and every student will have their own work read by the others, and will have several opportunities to have their work examined in class. These workshops will focus on perspective and point of view; development of character; shaping of scenes; providing texture through imagery, detail and atmosphere; on pace, tension and contrast.

By the end of the course you should be beginning to find your voice: the material and style which belong to you; and you will have had the opportunity to write one or two short stories, or the beginning of a novel, in a space where you are taken seriously as a writer.

28th January 2021 - 15th April 2021

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Sessions take place every Thursday from 11am–1pm

Session 1 – 28 January: The Blank Page

Session 2 – 4 February: 'Imagine this...'

Session 3 – 11 February: A Brief History Of Style

Session 4 –18 February: Who do you think you are? Creating memorable characters

Session 5 – 25 February: 'Talk to me!' Writing dialogue.

Session 6 – 4 March: 'Who is telling this story?' Point of View

Session 7 – 11 March: Ghosts: The Art and Craft of Backstory

Session 8 – 18 March: Making A Scene

Session 9 – 25 March: Dusk in the City: On atmosphere and sense of place

Session 10 – 1 April: Less is more: The art and craft of editing

Session 11 – 8 April: The Sense of an Ending

Session 12 – 15 April: Flash Fiction

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Sue Gee is a novelist and short story writer who ran the MA Writing Programme at Middlesex...



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