The Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize

As a memorial to the founder and first Chairman of the firm, Faber & Faber established in 1963 the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. The Prize of £l,500 is awarded annually: and it is given, in alternate years, for a volume of verse and for a volume of prose fiction. It is given to that volume of verse or prose fiction first published originally in this country during the two years preceding the year in which the award is given which is, in the opinion of the judges, of the greatest literary merit.

Eligibility & Nomination

To be eligible for the prize, the volume of verse or prose fiction must be by a writer who is:

  • Not more than 40 years old at the date of publication of the book
  • A citizen of the United kingdom, of any other Commonwealth state, of the Republic of Ireland or of the Republic of South Africa

Three judges are nominated every year, who are specialists in the areas of prose and poetry. Titles are called in by judges on a case-by-case basis. There is no shortlist. 

Please note - no submissions for the prize are to be made.


Previous Winners 

1964 Christoper Middleton George MacBeth (joint)

1965 Frank Tuohy 

1966 Jon Silkin 

1967 William McIlvanney & John Noone (joint) 

1968 Seamus Heaney 

1969 Piers Paul Read 

1970 Geoffrey Hill 

1971 J G Farrell 

1972 Tony Harrison 

1973 David Storey 

1974 John Fuller 

1975 Richard Wright 

1976 Douglas Dunn 

1977 Carolyn Slaughter 

1978 David Harsent & Kit Wright (joint) 

1979 Timonthy Mo

1980 Hugo Williams & George Szirtes (joint) 

1981 J M Coetzee 

1982 Tom Paulin & Paul Muldoon (joint) 

1983 Graham Swift 

1984 James Fenton 

1985 Julian Barnes 

1986 David Scott 

1987 Guy Vanderhaeghe 

1988 Michael Hofmann 

1989 David Profumo

1990 Michael Donaghy 

1991 Carol Birch 

1992 Paul Muldoon 

1993 Will Self 

1994 John Burnside 

1995 Livi Michael 

1996 Kathleen Jamie 

1997 Emily Perkins 

1998 Don Paterson 

1999 Gavin Kramer 

2000 Kathleen Jamie 

2001 Trezza Azzopardi 

2002 Greta Stoddart 

2003 Justin Hill

2004 Glyn Maxwell 

2005 David Mitchell 

2006 Alice Oswald 

2007 Edward Docx 

2008 Nick Laird 

2009 David Szalay 

2010 Kona Macphee 

2011 Belinda McKeon 

2012 Jacob Polley 

2013 Eimear McBride

2014 Liz Berry & Fiona Benson (joint) 

2015 Sara Baume

2016 Kim Moore