Q. Can I submit my book to Faber for publication?

Because we get inundated with manuscripts, Faber will now only accept unsolicited submissions of poetry. We no longer accept or engage in communication about any fiction, non-fiction, plays, screenplays or books for children. Please consult our Getting Published page for further information and submission guidelines.

Q. Can I submit illustrations and artwork for consideration?

You can send us examples of your work either by email or by post, marked 'Artwork Submissions', to the following address:

Design Dept
Faber and Faber Ltd
Bloomsbury House
74-77 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DA

If sending by email:

Submissions for adult books should go to designsubmissions@faber.co.uk and for children's books to childrensdesign@faber.co.uk.

Please note that we will not be able to provide any feedback, or return your examples, so please do not send originals. We will keep all relevant artwork on file and get in touch if a suitable project comes along.

Q. I'm interested in applying for a Faber Academy writing course and would like to find out more. Who should I contact?

Full details of the courses we run, and who to contact, can be found here.

Q. How do I apply for a job or work experience at Faber?

Details of job vacancies (should they arise) plus full details of our intern and work experience policy can be found here.

Q. How can I contact a Faber author?

We cannot give out authors' contact details, including email addresses, but we will be happy to forward correspondence to them or to their agent. As we are not always in email contact with authors, we prefer that correspondence is put in writing and addressed to:

c/o Faber and Faber Ltd (Editorial Dept)
Bloomsbury House
74-77 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DA

To contact an author for a bookshop event, festival or interview, please contact the Publicity department.

Q. Is there anywhere on the website where I can download the new books catalogue from?

Our most recent catalogues are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Q. Does Faber publish ebooks and, if so, where can I buy them?

We now have over 2,000 titles available in ebook format and are working hard to make even more titles available. All of our new titles are now published simultaneously in ebook format.

You can find ebooks, including Kindle editions, at a number of retailers. Click here to find out more.

Faber ebooks are now available from the iBookstore.

Q. How can I request a review copy of a particular book?

If you work in the media and would like to request a review copy please email gapublicity@faber.co.uk stating the publication or organisation you represent.

Q. How can I request permission to use an extract from a Faber book?

Before approaching us for permission, please read the guidelines set out in our Permissions Guidelines. It is imperative that you are able to provide as much information as possible. Please be patient - we get inundated with requests so a response might take up to 10 weeks. [See also: Putting on a Faber Play].

Q. How can I find out if rights are available for a particular book?

If you would like to find out about the availability of serial, dramatic or translation rights for a particular book, please email garights@faber.co.uk. You might find the information you are looking for in our catalogues or rights guides.

Q. I'm interested in partnering with Faber (B2B Partnerships). Can I find out more?

Faber is keen to hear from you if you'd like to partner with us, in return for exclusive products, offers, subscriptions and services, including Creative Writing courses and events from the Faber Academy. For further details please click here or email partnerships@faber.co.uk.

Q. What is the Faber Factory and how can I contact it?

The Faber Factory is a fully comprehensive digital service that enables independent publishers to have an immediate and cost effective digital publishing programme without having to invest in additional resource and add to their overhead. [more here]

You can get in touch by emailing here.

Q. Does Faber offer an inspection copy service?

For territorial reasons, we are unable to offer inspection copies to non-UK institutions. Many ‘Faber’ titles available in the USA are in fact published by Faber & Faber Inc, which is now part of Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc. Further details can be found at www.fsgbooks.com.

Q. How can I contact the Faber Archive?

If you have a query that you feel can only be answered by the Faber Archivist, please email archiveenquiries@faber.co.uk or send a letter to:

The Archive
Faber and Faber Ltd
Bloomsbury House
74-77 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DA

Please note that extensive responses to queries may not always be possible. We are currently in the process of moving the Faber Archive so we won't be able to guarantee a response.

Q. Is Faber going to publish 'The Philokalia: Volume 5'?

Strange to see an FAQ for a particular title, but the much-sought after final volume of The Philokalia is the book we receive most enquiries for. The simple answer is that we don't know if or when the final volume will be published. We have had no contact with anyone involved in the translation for some years, and until we do we remain in the dark unfortunately.

Q. How can I find a book that is no longer in print?

The Faber website features all Faber titles currently in print. If you cannot find a book then it’s quite likely that it is no longer in print. In this case our advice would be to try some of the online retailers that specialise in hard-to-find books, such as Abebooks and The Book Depository.

Q. What do I do if I find my copyright on the Faber website?

Every effort has been made to trace or contact all copyright holders. The publishers would be pleased to rectify any omissions or errors brought to their notice at the earliest opportunity. Please contact garights@faber.co.uk.