MAKE IT NEW: Five Days of Experimental Fiction

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This intensive five-day course will equip you with the precise tool-kit needed to write fierce, incandescent experimental fiction.
Bernhard Schlink has observed that being an experimental writer means first and foremost being experimental with yourself. From Gertrude Stein to Laurence Sterne, experimental fiction is not brand new, but as a means of expression it persists in creating compelling and distinctive visions of our worlds. What are the creative potentials of experimental fiction? What does it look like? What does it smell like? How does it feel on the page? Together, we'll examine key books, each of which clearly demonstrates a singular experimental method; we'll sniff out the texts' characteristics and put them into practice through productive daily exercises and discussion; we'll dare to be experimental!
1st - 5th July 2019

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Below you'll find a short schedule of what you'll be doing each day. Classes will run each day from 10am–2pm, and you'll have the room till 5pm for quiet writing time, too. There'll be coffee, tea and biscuits throughout the day. No lunch is provided, though you are welcome to bring your own.

Monday 1st July


House Mother Normal, B.S. Johnson
The Unmapped Country: Stories and Fragments, Ann Quin

You can see a lot by looking. Look off-beam and you'll see even more: multiple viewpoints and fake narratives.



Blood and Guts in High School, Kathy Acker
A Void, Georges Perec

Pinching is to steal. Pinching is to grip tightly. Acker is a literary shoplifter. Perec carefully plucks out the letter 'e'.


Keith Ridgway



Lost in the Funhouse, John Barth
I Love Dick, Chris Kraus

Write a book that can only be read out loud. Fabricate a memoir using only experimental fan fiction.



We'll end with readings from your best experimental pieces.

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Maria Fusco is a Belfast-born interdisciplinary writer. She is author of six books, the newest of which, Legend of the Necessary Dreamer, has been ...


Keith Ridgway is from Dublin. He is the author of The Long Falling (Faber, 1998, Houghton Mifflin, 1998), Standard Time (Faber, 2...



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