Writing A Novel: The First 15,000

Advanced | Fiction
Wherever you are, whenever suits you, start your novel the right way with six months of structured learning and constructive feedback on your first 15,000 words
28 Weeks – Spend time on your novel, and get it done

Two-Week Sessions – Fit your writing around your other commitments

Small Group – Get to know your fellow writers and their novels

Virtual Classroom – A private space designed specifically for teaching and learning writing skills

One-to-one Feedback – Detailed personal critiques from our tutors, on Skype or over the phone

Regular, Frequent Peer Review – Honest responses from people you trust on your work-in-progress

Focus On Your Novel – No academic essays, no stylistic exercises, just your book

Application Process – To make sure you get the highest quality peer group

24-Hour Tech Support – So you never need to worry that you can't log in

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(Please note that this schedule is a guide only, and subject to change.)

Session 1 - Introductions

Meet your fellow writers and discover their reading and writing habits

Session 2 - Beginnings

What's the story behind your story?

Session 3 - Character

How does character intersect with plot to fuel your novel?

Session 4 - Voice

What is a writing voice, and how will you explore yours in this novel?

Session 5 - Viewpoint

Are you telling this story from the right point of view?

Session 6 - Structure

Narrative problems and how to overcome them

Session 7 - Dialogue

Writing better speech and using it to move your story forwards

Session 8 - Description

Drawing your readers into the world of your novel – and keeping them there

Session 9 - Research

How important is research to your writing? Interviewing to improve your novel

Session 10 - Structuring a Scene

How to get in and out of a scene, and place plot points effectively

Session 11 - Foreshadowing

How much information will you reveal at the start of your novel?

Session 12 - The Publishing Process

An insight into the industry, and the dos and don'ts of submitting a manuscript

Writing Time (4 weeks)

Private time to revise your novel so far and/or add up to 5,000 extra words in preparation for submission to the tutor for final feedback. The forums are open for discussion and peer support

Feedback throughout the course includes one-to-one tutor discussions, Skype tutorials, peer feedback, web chats, and written or podcast notes – formulated to give you just the guidance you need to craft the best possible start to your novel

At the end of the course you will receive a detailed one-to-one written feedback report from your tutor, considering your story ideas, writing, research, suitability for market and suggested steps to completion. You will have the option to continue working with your peer group in an Alumni classroom

PLUS! You will have the chance to submit to an anthology of student work which is sent out to literary agents


Applying is easy: simply click on the button at the bottom of this page to start. You will need to create an account with us, then upload four documents:

  • An example of your fictional prose writing (approximately 1,000 words). This does not have to be from your proposed novel.
  • A brief outline of your novel idea (250-750 words) – include details about character, setting and events, and a working title if you have one.
  • A book recommendation: which novel would you recommend to another writer, and why (up to 200 words)?
  • A cover note, detailing your writing experience, whether you have done any sort of writing course before, and what you hope to gain from the course.

If you have any queries about the application process, email academy@faber.co.uk, or call 0207 927 3868 today.

23rd January 2019 - 28th August 2019

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27 Places

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31st December 2018


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