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Read wider, read smarter and find new ways to get your words onto the page

Reading like a writer is different to reading for pleasure or to studying literature. It involves thinking about the craftsmanship and writing techniques authors use to keep readers turning the page. This four-week course teaches you how to read and discuss books from a writer’s perspective in order to inform your own work. It also challenges you to experiment with new writers and genres, and to find new ways of engaging readers with your own writing.

What you get

• Fortnightly reading extracts, practical exercises and creative writing prompts

• Podcast introductions from the tutor

• Guided forum discussions about how you read and deadlines to get you writing

• A supportive group of fellow writers to read, discuss and feedback on your work

• Guidance on how to turn a sharp lens on creative work and become a better editor of your writing

• Q&A session with your tutor to answer your critical questions

• Quiz to assess and broaden your current reading habits

• Carefully curated additional reading and resources so you can take your interests further

• Opportunity to produce a 2,000-word piece of writing to engage your ideal reader: this might be a short story or the opening of a novel.

7th October 2019 - 3rd November 2019

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Session content

Session 1:Reading like a writer

Being a good reader makes you a better writer. In this session we’ll look at ways of improving your close-reading skills, approaching a text as a writer would, and uncovering craft secrets to use in your own writing. You’ll emerge with greater awareness of your reading and writing habits and a list of priorities to work on.

Session 2: Writing for your reader

A good writer also thinks about their reader. In this session, we’ll look at writing with a reader in mind. How can you make text reader-friendly? What are the do’s and don’ts of drawing in readers? We’ll look at different ways of engaging readers and giving them space to use their imagination and become really involved in your text. You’ll write a 2,000-word piece to engage your ideal reader. You’ll have the opportunity to critique the work of your peers and gain feedback on your work.

Option to commission a detailed tutor report on your final piece of work for an additional cost.

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Tom Bromley is an author, editor and ghostwriter. He has written ten books under his own name, both fiction and non-fiction, ghosted a further doze...

"There's no point staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike - to get your creative muscles working you need to start writing, reviewing and sharing your work."

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