Fiction Skills: Setting

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A good book has a great sense of place, creating a story world so vivid it pours off the page.
Well-described settings bring invaluable atmosphere to any story – and when you create an effective sense of place, it can feel as though another character has been added to the narrative. This four-week course guides you through key techniques for building convincing story worlds, and explores how different writers use location to bring their characters and stories alive.
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How it works

• Fortnightly guided reading extracts, practical exercises and creative writing prompts

• Podcast introductions from the tutor

• Tutor instruction and tips on honing your descriptive writing

• Forum discussions about adding atmosphere and using the senses in your writing, plus deadlines to get you started

• A supportive group of fellow writers to read, discuss and feedback on your work

• Guidance on how to turn a sharp lens on your creative work and become a better editor of your writing

• Q&A session with your tutor to answer your critical questions

• Carefully curated additional reading and resources so you can take your interests further

• Opportunity to produce a 2,000-word piece of writing: this might be a short story or the opening of a novel.

29th April 2019 - 26th May 2019

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