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"Hmm. I don't know. What's it really like?"

You're making a big commitment when you sign up to a creative writing course – time, money and emotional energy. You need to know that it's the right thing for you. Here are some reviews of our writing courses by people who took them. If you need more, let us know, and we can put you in touch with previous students, or give you a list of people to follow on Twitter.



“Shelley is incredibly knowledgeable but down to earth & approachable at the same time. She was very supportive and takes an active interest in the progression & successes of those she has worked with.”
Chris, The Fiction Booster | Intensive
“It was hard work. But I not only completed my novel, I also learned how to navigate the choppy waters of the publishing world. I will be forever grateful for the experience.”
SJ Watson (author of 'Before I Go To Sleep'), Writing A Novel
“I have more ideas for poems and for approaching the writing of poems than I thought possible after three days!”
Sarah, Poetry and Inspiration: A Muse Boost
“I looked forward to attending each week, and came away every evening with something discovered, something to work on, constantly set to thinking, constantly learning about the craft.”
Danny, Writing A Novel
“Brilliantly useful... Like someone's given me the key to a big beautiful secret.”
Anna, Writing a Novel | Online
“Gillian and Sarah were really excellent. Very professional, generous with their expert advice, and truly engaged. They were genuine about their teaching, and talked with us as fellow writers.”
Alex, Stuck in the Middle
“Richard is a great teacher. He is patient, non-judgemental, supportive... and getting the network and support from fellow classmates was brilliant.”
Anna O, Writing A Novel
“The peer review sessions were terrific. People were polite, they gave very useful feedback both in person and written on the work itself. ”
Callie, Writing A Novel
“It was money well-spent for three intensive days in the company of fellow strugglers.”
Daniel, Stuck in the Middle
“It was a privilege to have such experienced writers coaching us.”
Kim, Fiction: The Basics
“I should especially like to thank you for the brilliant course you created for us last week. It was enjoyable, so well planned, and such a good mixture of instruction discipline, humour & inspiration”
Gay Crace, The 5 Day Short Story
“Well structured and curated. I loved the balance between reading of the selected short stories and developing our own. For me personally it was a confidence booster.”
Jon, The 5 Day Short Story
“Great value for money, provided just what I had been looking for, and the numbers were about right – enough for a good cross section of ages and skills.”
Anna, The Poetry Weekender

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