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Our online writing courses – what you need to know

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By Ian Ellard 21 September 2012

On 10 October, Writing A Novel Online, our six-month online novel writing course, will begin. It's based on our face-to-face course, which means it's all about the group – you want to work with people who share your serious approach to writing a novel, people who can give and take feedback in a friendly, supportive environment.

That's where the application comes in.

To apply, you need to give us three things:

1) 1000 words of your prose. This doesn't have to be a whole story, nor does it have to be from the book you want to write on the course – it just has to be representative of you as a writer. We're looking to get a sense of your voice.

2) A brief outline (up to 750 words) of the novel you plan to write. This doesn't have to be too detailed. Just let us know your current plans – everything might change, of course, but it's helpful for us to know who's writing what.

3) Up to 200 words about a novel you would recommend to another writer, and why. This is where we get to know about you as a writer and a reader – and that's important.

With this, we can get an idea of you to help us form groups who will work well together. We know it works – just ask Julie, Lou or Harry.

The application deadline is 26 September. Apply today, or get in touch if you need more information.


Too advanced? Too long?

If you're looking for something shorter to start off with, why not check out Getting Started Online? It's a brand new, self-paced online fiction writing course. It starts on 26 October.



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