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Kathryn Heyman—INSIDE WRITING #6
Faber Academy 23 October 2014

Kathryn Heyman talks to us about how "instinctive" dialogue takes years to learn, how you don't really "become" a novelist, and how to hatch the "big egg of desire" to write.

Talking to Erica Wagner—INSIDE WRITING #5
Faber Academy 6 October 2014

Erica Wagner – novelist, creative writing tutor, MAN Booker Prize judge, literary editor – talks to George Miller about her life in writing.

Silencing The Voices – LM Latham and Self-Publishing Success
LM Latham 3 October 2014

LM Latham had a lead character that wouldn’t shut up and no choice but to write the novel that led to self-publishing success

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