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Few cities in the world can boast a literary heritage to match London's, and Bloomsbury is the city's literary heart. It was here, on Russell Square, that Faber and Faber was established by Geoffrey Faber in 1929, with TS Eliot on its founding editorial board. Today, Faber's headquarters are located in Bloomsbury House, on nearby Great Russell Street.

Faber and Faber remains one of the last of the great independent publishing houses in London, with a list that includes no fewer than twelve Nobel Laureates and six Booker Prize-winners. Faber Academy's London courses take place at these offices - meaning our classes benefit from the close proximity of editors, visiting writers and agents who pass through the doors of Bloomsbury House.

Courses at Bloomsbury House, London

Bloomsbury House
Bloomsbury House

Faber and Faber
Bloomsbury House
74-77 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DA

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Joanna Briscoe
with Joanna Briscoe in
Take your writing to the next level—three months of skills, support and lots of feedback...
Sarah Savitt
with Sarah Savitt, Sam Copeland in
Taught by a professional editor and literary agent, Edit Your Novel is designed for writers who wish to rewrite and polish their drafts, so that they are ready for submission. ...
Daljit Nagra
with Daljit Nagra, Jo Shapcott in
Structured and generative support for your poetry....
Erica Wagner
with Erica Wagner in
This three-month course is designed for new and apprentice fiction writers seeking inspiration and guidance. Playful, serious and fun, it proposes to query what writing is and why we do it. The course's aim is to encourage a writerly atmosphere and cultivate engagement with ideas and words....

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