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Erica Wagner
with in
Give your writing project the best possible start with acclaimed writer and critic Erica Wagner. ...
Helen Shipman
with in
Everything you need to call yourself a writer – discipline, craft skills and a great group of people to work with – over eight intense weeks...
Rowan Coleman
with in
This three-month course is designed for new and apprentice fiction writers seeking inspiration and guidance. Playful, serious and fun, it proposes to query what writing is and why we do it. The course's aim is to encourage a writerly atmosphere and cultivate engagement with ideas and words....
Marcel Theroux
with , in
Whether you're an established writer of short fiction or are just starting out, this three-day practical course promises a creative kick-start. ...
Daljit Nagra
with , in
Three months of reading, writing and sharing your poems. A small, supportive class, and two of the country's best poets, all at the home of British poetry, Faber and Faber....
Richard Skinner
with , in
The comprehensive six-month novel-writing course for the serious writer – perhaps the sort of student who might consider an MA in creative writing but is unable to give up full-time work or family commitments to attend a university....
Tom Bromley
with in
Get access to Faber's groundbreaking novel-writing course and content wherever you live at any time of day or night. All the study materials and workshop sessions have been specially devised to fit into a busy schedule. ...
Richard Skinner
with in
A no-excuses, let’s-get-going, beginners' guide to writing, from people who know how....

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