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Publishers know what writers need. Drawing on Faber's 80 years of publishing experience, Faber Academy offers the best creative writing courses, run by hand-picked authors, editors and agents. Get the time, space and support you need to get it written and written well. Which course is right for you?

Richard Skinner
with Richard Skinner in
A no-excuses, let’s-get-going, beginners' guide to writing, from people who know how....
Erica Wagner
Give your writing project the best possible start with acclaimed writer and critic Erica Wagner. ...
Daljit Nagra
Three months of reading, writing and sharing your poems. A small, supportive class, and two of the country's best poets, all at the home of British poetry, Faber and Faber....
Helen Shipman
Everything you need to call yourself a writer – discipline, craft skills and a great group of people to work with – over eight intense weeks...
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Writing Historical Fiction—INSIDE WRITING #4 Writing Historical Fiction—INSIDE WRITING #4
By Faber Academy 17 April 2014

Maria McCann and Elizabeth Speller talk about research, Peter Carey's "Jack Maggs", "Great Expectations", and plenty more besides.

The Path To Self-Publishing (Part One)
By Kirsten Arcadio 19 March 2014

Writing A Novel Online alumna Kirsten Arcadio takes us on her path to self-publishing her first novel, Borderliners.

In the name of research
By Amy Bird 13 March 2014

How far would you go to get into the mind of your character? Amy Bird writes...

Sitting on both sides of the desk
By Faye Bird 5 February 2014

"Writers and agents do such different jobs, right?" Wrong, says Faye Bird, literary agent turned author.

"I'm in a state". Peer review and how it works.
By Alex Catherwood 30 January 2014

Alex Catherwood takes us into the mind of a Writing A Novel student about to face the dreaded "Peer Presentation"

Creating Other Worlds—INSIDE WRITING #3
By Faber Academy 10 December 2013

Twelve-time novelist MAGGIE GEE and debutante ANTONIA HONEYWELL discuss creating other worlds in episode three of INSIDE WRITING, the Faber Academy podcast, now on iTunes and Soundcloud

What can the Brontës teach us?
By Susan Hodgetts 18 November 2013

Susan Hodgetts explores the lives of the Brontes – all four of them – and what we can learn from them for writing today

By Faber Academy 8 November 2013

SJ Watson ('Before I Go To Sleep') and Richard Skinner (Faber Academy director of fiction) discuss point of view in episode two of INSIDE WRITING, the Faber Academy podcast, now on iTunes and Soundcloud

Applying for 'Writing A Novel'? Thinking about it? 6 things to think about
By Faber Academy 26 July 2012

Six things you need to have in mind when putting together your application for 'Writing A Novel' in London or Brighton this October.

“Shelley is incredibly knowledgeable but down to earth & approachable at the same time. She was very supportive and takes an active interest in the progression & successes of those she has worked with.”
Chris, The Fiction Booster | Intensive course
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