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with Daljit Nagra, Jo Shapcott in
Begins | Application Deadline 18 September
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Structured and generative support for your poetry....

Sue Gee

This three-month course is designed for new and apprentice fiction writers seeking inspiration and guidance. Playful, serious and fun, it proposes to query what writing is and why we do it. The course's aim is to encourage a writerly atmosphere and cultivate engagement with ideas and words....

Joanna Briscoe

Take your writing to the next level—three months of skills, support and lots of feedback...

Marcel Theroux

Whether you're an established writer of short fiction or are just starting out, this three-day practical course promises a creative kick-start. ...

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In the first of a new series, Nikesh Shukla's short film tells us how and why he writes

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Their Christmas adverts have got everyone talking, but what would Hitchcock make of them?

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Kathryn Heyman talks to us about how "instinctive" dialogue takes years to learn, how you don't really "become" a novelist, and how to hatch the "big egg of desire" to write.

By Faber Academy6 October 2014

Erica Wagner – novelist, creative writing tutor, MAN Booker Prize judge, literary editor – talks to George Miller about her life in writing.

By Faber Academy26 July 2012

Six things you need to have in mind when putting together your application for 'Writing A Novel' in London or Brighton this October.

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